AI Ethics




Joe Biden to Meet with Advisors to Discuss AI Impact

Joe Biden plans to meet with his advisors Tuesday to discuss the risks and opportunities associated with AI, specifically as it relates to society, the general public, and national security. Notably, Biden wants to ensure that any new solutions created are done so with rights and safety protections in place.

At the meeting, Biden will be discussing topics ranging from Natural Language Processing (NLP), ChatGPT, and other AI platforms and capabilities. The discussion will provide an opportunity for those in attendance to explore the possibilities of using AI for good while mitigating any potential harm that may arise from its implementation. By doing so, Biden hopes to create thoughtful safeguards that ensure any new solutions are beneficial to society and do not infringe upon anyone's rights.

It is clear that Biden is taking AI risks and opportunities seriously, and wants to create an environment where responsible innovation can thrive. His focus on protecting the public from potential harms associated with AI-based solutions will be crucial in determining how AI will be used in the future.