Hugging Face: Largest Ever Open Source Artificial Intelligence Meetup in SF

The Event

At the Open Source AI event held at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, hosted by Hugging Face, Inc., over 4,000 people gathered for a night of talks and demonstrations about the potential of artificial intelligence.

The event started with a large croud of people congregating to get in. Llamas were there to greet those waiting.

Deepchecks, BentoML, Arize AI, Scenario and Anthropic were just some of the companies presenting their projects and products while conversations around the future of AI and open source NLP filled the air. Some of those in attendance were able to get early access to Claude via a QR Code. Despite all this excitement and energy, we still don't know enough about how AI works and what it can do for us. It's a field that continues to present new challenges, requiring experts to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions.

As AI experts continue to make progress in this field, they are confronting the pros and cons that come with their work. AI can be incredibly powerful when used correctly, but it also comes with potential risks that need to be taken into account. The experts need to ensure safety protocols are in place while developing machines and it is crucial they remain aware of any new regulations or laws regarding AI that may arise. Additionally, these professionals must constantly evaluate the ethical implications of their work and strive to create machines that are not just powerful but also socially responsible.

Deepchecks demoing a python library for data scientists and engineers that enables you to test your models and data.

CEO of Hugging Face Clem Delangue giving a speech in front of there logo projected on the big screen

Multiple monitors allowed people to watch the speech on open source.


One of the companies demoing Arize.AI, believes that monitoring and fine-tuning machine learning models is key to achieving the best performance. They provide developers with the tools they need to monitor and optimize their models, from LLM, generative, computer vision, NLP, recommender systems, and traditional ML. There platform allows you access to advanced 3D modeling capabilities along with natural language processing (NLP) technology so you can get an accurate picture of how your model is performing in real-time.

Aparna Dhinakaran demoed the platform for the group of engineers, AI enthusiasts, and others just wanting to get into the field.

Napkinmatic turns your napkin sketch into a piece of art using a mix of augmented reality and AI.

A new website that focuses on early education phonetics to learn new words.

Consistent Gaming asset creation in minutes using generative AI:

Andrew Ng had a focused crowd

Andrew attended to see what was going on and answer everyones questions.

Andrew Ng, cofounder of Coursera and founder of was in attendance and had an attentive crowd.

Andrew Ng discussed his opinion on the 6 month moratorium of large AI model develoment and provided insight into the potential implications. He expressed that while it is important to take time to consider ethical concerns, a moratorium would have an unintended consequence of stifling innovation in the NLP space. Ng believes that with advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, there are great opportunities for progress.

In a recent series of tweets Ng said "There is no realistic way to implement a moratorium and stop all teams from scaling up LLMs, unless governments step in. Having governments pause emerging technologies they don’t understand is anti-competitive, sets a terrible precedent, and is awful innovation policy."

We anticipate more gatherings like this one to come.