A Synopsis of Y Combinator Companies in the W23 Batch of Startups

Y Combinator, the world’s most renowned startup accelerator has helped thousands of startups become awesome companies. Only a few startups were chosen among the plethora of startups that applied for the most recent Y Combinator accelerator program (W23) in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) niche. These startups are the future giants in the tech industry, let’s take a look at them.

The Top 34 Companies of the W23 Program with a focus on AI

1. Lasso

Founders: Gautam Bose and Lucas Ochoa

Lasso is a B2B company that solves the speed and cost problem of robot process automation on chrome. They do this by creating a platform that utilizes large language models (LLM) and computer vision. Thus, anyone can automate their workflows speedily regardless of their budget.

2. BerriAI

Founders:  Krrish Dholakia and Ishaan Jaffer

BerriAI is a B2B startup that enables you to launch AI generative apps customized with your customer database. The speed at which Berri AI operates is commendable as it receives the necessary data, builds, and implements your desired LLM apps in minutes.

3. Atri Labs

Founders: Shyam Swaroop and Darshita Chaturvedi

Atri Labs is a B2B startup that provides python developers with a python web framework to construct impressive apps. By utilizing the open-source Atri framework, developers can create full-stack web applications with a visually appealing front end.

4. Type

Founders: Stew Fortier and Stefan Li

Type uses an AI-prioritized document editor which assists market teams and creators in producing high-quality content promptly. Rather than starting from scratch, Type allows businesses and individuals quickly generate drafts, rewrite content, and obtain suggestions for their next creation.

5. Persana AI

Founders: Sriya Maram and Rush Shahani

Persana AI is a B2B startup that enables sales teams to efficiently uncover distinctive lead insights and produce customized outbound communication. By merging Customer Related Management (CRM) data with real-time web signals, the platform helps sales teams identify potential prospects.


Founders:  Eli Semory and Rahul Sheth is a B2B startup that specializes in enhancing AI and video pipelines by improving scaling, deployment, and latency in cloud Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) workloads. Hence, users can run generative AI models faster than traditional solutions while greatly reducing engineering risk and saving costs.

7. Fabius

Founders: Andy Day and Neil Madsen

Fabius is a B2B Startup that facilitates making deals and provides in-depth visibility in sales processes. They use customer intelligence tools like Gong to analyse companies’ sales processes and leverage AI models to extract facts and maximize deal opportunities.

8. Vellum

Founders: Noa Flaherty, Sidd Seethepalli, and Akash Sharma

Vellum is a B2B company that provides developers with tooling to facilitate engineering best practices and quicken the transition of applications created using AI models (such as OpenAI's GPT-3) from prototype to production.  Thus, helping businesses adopt AI by taking their prototypes to production.

9. BabylonAI

Founders: Rangel Milushev and Ahmad Roumie

BabylonAI is a B2B startup that offers computer vision teams a solution to log accurate raw image and prediction data from models deployed on edge devices and on-prem (on-premises) servers. Their invasive active learning on the edge is already assisting agricultural technology (ag-tech) teams in gathering production data from robots operating in the field.

10. Decoherence

Founders: Rishi Bhuta and Will Stith

Decoherence is a startup that simplifies the process of generating videos with AI, allowing anyone (business and individuals) to do it in minutes instead of hours. Hence, creators can swiftly produce music videos or B-rolls that complement their content.

11. CorgiAI

Founder: Saif Farooqui

CORGIAI is a B2C Startup that detects and prevents fraud amidst transactions. They utilize AI and Analytics products that monitor dispute and fraud metrics and advise on best practices to avoid disputes. Thus, proactively preventing fraud across payment platforms.

12. Quazel

Founders:  Samuel Bissegger, David Niederberger and Phillip Hadjimina

Quazel is a B2C startup that enables one to learn any language by talking. They achieve this by making people have natural conversations with an AI tutor who responds in the preferred language of the student. Hence, enhancing learning speed.

13. MagnaPlay

Founders: Pedro Esteves and Paulo Rodrigues

MagnaPlay is a B2B startup that solves the problem of cost and time regarding game translation. They do this through the trio of AI, Software as a Service (SAAS), and a team of expert translators. Hence, game developers can integrate translation into their workflows and make their games globally accessible.

14. Defog

Founders: Medha Basu and Rishabh Srivastava

Defog is a B2B startup ChatGPT-powered tool that can be embedded in your app, enabling your users to query data using everyday language and obtain results in seconds. Their large language models enable the searching and visualization of both structured and unstructured data.

15. Gloo

Founders: Vaibhav Gupta and Aaron Villalpando

Gloo is a B2B startup that empowers LLMs by providing them with domain-specific knowledge. With Gloo, you can connect LLMs such as ChatGPT to knowledge bases and prevent them from producing incorrect responses.

16. Blocktool

Founders: Nicolas Bustamante and Edouard Godfrey

Blocktool is a B2B startup that operates like a financial data warehouse. Thus, allowing you seamlessly connect your preferred tools with no need for coding.  Blocktool extracts and formats data, ensuring you have access to a dependable and up-to-date financial data warehouse that you can integrate with your BI and spreadsheet tools.

17. Wild Moose

Founders: Yasmin Dunsky, Roei Schuster, and Tom Tytunovich

Wild Moose is a B2B company that utilizes an AI-powered solution that helps on-call developers quickly pinpoint the root cause of production incidents. Their conversational AI, based on large language models, is custom-trained to provide accurate answers to questions about production information.


18. EzDubs

Founders:  Amrutavarsh Kinagi and Padmanabhan Krishnamurthy

EzDubs is a B2C company that offers real-time AI dubbing services for live streams and publishing platforms. With its advanced technology, EzDubs can dub videos and live streams into various languages while keeping the original voice of the speaker intact.

19. Iliad

Founder: Matthew Turnshek

Iliad is a B2B startup that uses a robust AI that empowers game designers to effortlessly produce concept art, textures, and 3D models. What sets Iliad apart from other similar tools is its image generator, which allows for real-time adjustments during the generation process.

20. Anarchy

Founders: Matthew Mirman and James Spoor

Anarchy is a B2B company that uses LLM infrastructure specifically designed for developers who want to build customized chatbots on top of existing LLMs. Anarchy offers companies the ability to create their own LLM endpoints, which can access any Application Programming Interface (API).

21. Scanbase

Founders: Steve Roger and Jeffrey Lange

Scanbase is a B2B company that uses API to analyze photos of diagnostic tests. Its purpose is to simplify the process of converting photos of rapid diagnostic tests into results, making it convenient for medical companies to access via a straightforward API.

22. CreatorML

Founder: Charles Weill

CreatorML is a B2B startup that uses its AI-based tool to help YouTube content creators predict their views. By leveraging Machine Learning (ML), their in-house algorithm forecasts which topics, titles, and thumbnails will resonate most effectively with audiences.

23. PoplarML

Founders: Evan Chu and Danna Liu

PoplarML is a B2B company that enables the deployment of any ML model to a fleet of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) as an API endpoint that is both ready-to-use and scalable. PoplarML simplifies the deployment process, allowing data scientists, ML engineers, and software developers to focus on developing and delivering value to their users.

24. OfOne

Founders: Will Edwards and Adam Proschek

OfOne is a B2B startup that utilises an AI-powered system designed for automated order-taking at restaurant drive-thrus. It allows customers to place their audio orders in the same way as they currently do, but with AI technology processing their orders instead of human operators

25. Tennr

Founders: Diego Baugh, Trey Holterman, and Tyler Johnson

Tennr utilizes conversational AI tailored to your business to discover what your stakeholders prioritize and reveal how you have successfully closed comparable deals in the past. Tennr is an excellent tool for improving your deal-winning chances and preparing before each sales call.

26. Salient

Founders: Ari Malik and Mukund Tibrewala

Salient is an AI-driven B2B startup that streamlines outbound sales by automating customer responses, re-engaging with prospects at opportune times, and personalizing interactions on a large scale. Salient allows for outbound sales on autopilot, making it an ideal tool for businesses looking to improve their sales processes

27. Ducky Labs

Founders: Alexandra Johnson and Georgia Hong

Rubber Ducky Labs is a B2B startup that provides e-commerce companies with a solution to avoid inappropriate product recommendations. Their approach involves combining ML algorithms with human expertise to deliver optimal product recommendations.

28. Pyq

Founders: Emily Dorsey and Aman Raghuvanshi

Pyq is a B2B company that offers a hassle-free and cost-effective method to integrate ML into your application. With Pyq, developers can immediately leverage some of the most widely used open-source models (with new models added every week) via a simple API call.

29. Lume

Founders: Nicolas Machado, Robert Ross, and Nebyou Zewde

Lume is a B2B company with a no-code solution that enables companies the creation and upkeep customized data integrations. Utilizing AI, Lume can seamlessly convert data between any starting and ending schema, and effortlessly transmit the resulting data to your preferred destination.

30. Rollstack

Founders: Saad Bahir, Nabil Jallouli, and Younes Jallouli

Rollstack is a B2B company that facilitates the production of visually compelling and top-notch data visualizations within minutes. With the ability to embed data and automate the creation of data-driven presentations and documents, Rollstack enables users to enhance their data storytelling skills.

31. Stack AI

Founders: Bernardo Aceituno and Toni Rosinol

Stack AI is a B2B startup that fine-tunes and composes LLMs. Stack AI provides software that simplifies the process of data collection, labelling, cleaning, fine-tuning, composition, and deployment of LLM applications, all in a single location.

32. Rubbrband

Founders: Darren Hsu and Abhinav Gopal

Rubbrband is a B2B company that facilitates the swift training of the latest machine learning models. With Rubbrband, developers can easily train open-source ML models, thanks to its ability to resolve dependencies and provision servers.

33. Chima

Founders: Nikhara Nirghin and Nikhara Nirghin

Chime is a B2B company that enables companies easily customize their generative AI models. They do this by effectively taking advantage of existing customer and enterprise data and passing through a smooth and compatible layer before applying AI models.

34. Ivy

Founder: Daniel Lenton

Ivy's is a B2B startup that unifies all ML frameworks and enables seamless code conversions across them. Ivy is capable of running ML code on any hardware using any ML framework.


While we commend these innovative startups for making it to the W23 Y Combinator program, their ultimate success depends on how they use the influence of Y Combinator to build a strong user base, generate revenue, and attract investors for their companies. If you have a startup, it will be highly beneficial to apply for the Summer 23 Y Combinator program. Who knows, you might be lucky!